sue "swa" leveille

growing, learning and sharing...

When we create art from an open heart and mind, we create a compassionate space  to hold ourselves and each other.   Community starts within. 

Sue "Swa" Leveille here bringing you opportunities to create change in our Frederick Community.  I teach jewelry/art classes, make jewelry for Marney & Swa and founder of the Give Rise Project all while serving  our community owned Co-op  as the Customer Service Manager.    Currently, I hold classes at local businesses, sell jewelry &  kits online, at local events and at The Muse in downtown Frederick. 

Forever a student and teacher, I see the classroom as a beautiful space to explore new and unknown thoughts, ideas and skills.  Learn patience and compassion to open up your willingness and ability to support and serve your community. 

Join me in creating change in our community that starts with a small step, made by you.